Make Every Visit Matter With
Nomi Applications

Nomi Applications

Use Applications To Enhance Every Aspect Of A Store Visit Through The Nomi Location Platform:

Marketing, Loyalty, Service, Merchandising, and more.

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You design beautiful campaigns but can’t quantify the amount of new customers you get as a result of those campaigns. Nomi applications provide users with accurate, offline attribution and allow you to calculate the lifetime value of customers that you’ve acquired.



You’re tasked with increasing customer loyalty but have no way to measure how initiatives impact anyone who is not a direct participant in your loyalty program. With Nomi, clients have the ability to leverage the applications and to measure the loyalty of their entire customer base.



You have been facing constant pressures to improve margins but the volume and complexity of your data make it difficult to understand how one initiative impacts your overall sales. Nomi applications allow you to see all performance metrics in one view.



Influence all of your purchase decisions with real-time micro-location marketing that provides a measurable lift in sales.

The Nomi Difference

Nomi is the only micro-location platform to offer all of the tools that you need to measure, analyze, and optimize every aspect of your store including marketing, loyalty, labor, and operations.

  • Nomi pulls in data from multiple store sensors
  • Nomi builds a 360° profile of your store through analytics and insights
  • Nomi analyzes and optimizes every investment in marketing, labor, and operations
  • Nomi increases customer engagement by delivering highly relevant mobile campaigns in real time through your mobile app